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By Raymond Scheindlin Ph.D.

Barron’s 501 Arabic Verbs is outlined in Arabic script with exemplary sentences in English for every verb. to mirror right Arabic type, 501 Arabic Verbs has been revealed again conceal to back and front web page to entrance. Verbs are prepared alphabetically in a desk layout, one verb according to web page with English translation, and conjugated in all tenses and varieties. The book’s extra positive factors contain universal idioms with instance sentences to illustrate verb utilization and a grammar overview.

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The bathroom/restroom. l'hôtel. the hotel. l'église. (lay-GLEEZ). the church. la cathédrale. the cathedral. la banque. the bank. la poste. the post office. la bibliothèque. the library. l'aéroport. (la-aye-ROW-poor). the airport. le châlet. le château. the castle. l'auberge (de jeunesse). the (youth) hostel. la taverne. the tavern. l'école. the school. le lycée. (le lee-SAY). the secondary/high school. le stade. the stadium. le théàtre. the theater. Theater here means for stage productions. le cinéma.

Réceptionniste. receptionist. secrétaire. secretary. policier. police officer. pompier. fireman, firefighter. avocat, avocatte. lawyer. mécanicien. mechanic. électricien. electrician. plombier. plumber. charpentier. carpenter. ingénieur. engineer. fermier. farmer. chef. chef, cook. boulanger, boulangère. baker. boucher. butcher. cassier, cassière. cashier. gérant. manager. professeur. teacher. serveur, serveuse. waiter, waitress. écrivain. writer. femme de chambre. maid. travailler (trah-vah-YAY) to work le travail, l'emploi (le tra-VAH-yuh, lom-PLWAH) work, job le patron, la patronne, le chef (le pah-TROH, la pah-TRUN-uh, le sheff) the boss, the head (of the department or job) le vacances (le vah-CAHN-suh) vacation Hobbies & Sports There are several activities done for leisure which have French verbs to describe the actions, and most of these fall into one of the three classes of regular verbs.

When there is both a feminine form and a masculine form, they will both be written, with the masculine form appearing first or with the feminine modification in parentheses. If the adjective does not already end in an -s or an -x, then an -s is added for plural subjects and objects. Je suis triste. (zhe swee trees-tuh) I am sad. Elle est fatiguée. (elle aye fah-TEE-gay) She is tired. Les chats sont tranquilles. (lay shah sohn trahn-KEE-yuh) The cats are calm. heureux/heureuse (eoor-RUH, eoor-UHZ) happy délicieux/délicieuse (day-lee-SEE-uh, day-lee-SEE-uhz) delicious charmant(e) (shar-MON, shar-MON-tuh) charming, delightful ravi(e) (rah-VEE) delighted nerveux/nerveuse (nair-VUH, nair-VUHZ) nervous inquiet/inquiète (en-KEE-ay, en-KEE-et-uh) concerned, worried désorienté(e) (dayz-oh-ree-EN-tay) confused, disoriented fâché(e) (fah-SHAY) angry ennuyé(e) (en-NYOO-ay) bored, annoyed solitaire (soh-LEE-tair) lonely, alone sûr(e) (soor) sure, confident amusant(e) (ah-MYOO-sahn, ah-MYOO-sahn-tuh) funny sympatique (sam-pah-TEEK-uh) nice, typically used to describe a person cher, chère (shair, shair-uh) dear, expensive excité(e) (eggs-SEE-tay) excited; this can almost mean "turned on," so be careful when using it For the most part, when describing something in French, the adjective follows the noun it is modifying, which seems backwards to the way it is done in English.

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