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By Robert Anderson

This 1889 quantity used to be released anonymously and later ascribed to Robert Anderson, a barrister and theological author who grew to become Assistant Commissioner at Scotland backyard. blending his non secular ideals together with his detective abilities, Anderson argues for precise scepticism to be embraced, evaluating the methods performed on humans by means of organised faith and technological know-how to the scams of self belief tricksters. Writing from a self-confessed perspective of 'destructive criticism', Anderson discredits the speculation of evolution as a newfangled superstition. technology, he says, assumes the life of lifestyles, yet has no longer the reply to the elemental query - how did guy end up? 'The guy who can provide no account of his life is a idiot, and he who denies a god can provide no account of his existence.' A Doubter's Doubts approximately technological know-how and faith proposes that the real sceptic can't deny that the beginning of lifestyles exists below the identify of God.

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But let us examine it. The objections are briefly these. Theology is supposed to teach that special creations were designed to demonstrate to mankind the power of the Creator : " would it not have been still better demonstrated by the sepa* Principles of Biology > § 114. 44 A DOUBTER'S DOUBTS rate creation of each individual ? * What evolution assumes,! the Bible asserts, namely, that man did not appear in the world until after every other organized form was already in existence. But the next and final difficulty appears at first sight to be more serious.

The facts are the pearls ; evolution is but the string on which we are asked to hang them. " % These results are supposed to have been produced during "those im* These are the closing words of The Descent of Man. f I am aware that Mr. Herbert Spencer asserts that the hypothesis "has the support of direct evidence" {Principles of Biology, § 121). But this extraordinary statement can be accounted for only by supposing that he uses words in a loose and popular way which cannot be permitted here. X The language, but not the application of it, is Mr.

37 undoubted fact that the effects alike of culture and neglect are strictly limited by them. The reality of the difficulty, moreover, the evolutionist himself acknowledges by the recognition of missing links, and by his appeal to the fossils to supply them. * * But it may be said, these objections also apply to the rival hypothesis of degeneration. Perhaps they do, but by no means to the same extent. And if, accepting the facts to which evolution appeals, we reverse the supposed process, we shall escape from other difficulties altogether.

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