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In these letters the princes appealed for help against the invading Hapiru, who were overrunning the country and jeopardizing the Egyptian supremacy there. The early Hebrews must have come in contact with this language, and some of them may have been conversant with it. Indeed, a great many Assyro-Babylonian words have a familiar Hebrew ring. In the following words: ummanu, anaku, shipru, alaku, erebu, alpu, ayabu, urru, kirbu, ishten, eshrit, ekallu, shaknu, sharru, it is not at all difficult for a Hebraist to identify the respective Hebrew equivalents: ommon (artist, artisan), anokhi (I), sefer (book), halakh (went), arbeh (locust), eleph (cattle), oyeh (enemy), or (light), kereb (inward part, bowels), ashte esreh (eleven), heikhal (palace), sokhen, segen, or sagan governor (ruler) and sar (chief, captain).

Among the names recorded by them are to be found such good Hebraic names as Hur, as well as Ya‘akob-Har—an exact equivalent of the Hebrew name Ya‘akob (Jacob), which is an abbreviation of Ya‘akob-el (may God guard). As a matter of fact, an Amorite name Yagub-ilu was found in business documents in Babylonia, composed during the early part of the millennium. E. as the name of a place in Canaan. 3); it therefore corresponds to the Hebrew el. When the Hyksos were later defeated and driven back into Asia, the Egyptians re-established their rule over Palestine, and mutual relationships between the peoples on both sides of the border were maintained.

D. Ugaritic. A vast and significant literature has been << Chapter >> Home | TOC | Index Hebrew and the Languages of Mankind 27 unearthed since 1930, shedding much light on biblical literature and language, in modern Ras Shamra, on the coast of Syria, opposite Cyprus. This Canaanitic literature was written in an alphabetic cuneiform script, indicating consonants and even some vowels. It contains epic poems typical of ancient Canaanite religion and civilization during the Late Bronze Age, when Ras Shamra was the site of Ugarit, the wealthiest Canaanite city.

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