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WHAT THEOSOPHY IS "There is a faculty of philosophy nonetheless in lifestyles of which smooth tradition has misplaced sight." In those phrases Mr. A.P. Sinnett all started his e-book, The Occult global, the 1st well known exposition of Theosophy, released thirty years in the past. [Namely in 1881.] through the years that experience handed due to the fact that then, many hundreds of thousands have discovered knowledge in that faculty, but to the bulk its teachings are nonetheless unknown, they usually may give basically the vaguest of replies to the question, "What is Theosophy?" books exist already which resolution that question: Mr. Sinnett's Esoteric Buddhism and Dr. Besant's the traditional knowledge. i've got no considered moving into pageant with these commonplace works; what I wish is to offer an announcement, as transparent and straightforward as i will be able to make it, that may be considered as introductory to them.

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A Textbook of Theosophy

WHAT THEOSOPHY IS "There is a faculty of philosophy nonetheless in lifestyles of which glossy tradition has misplaced sight. " In those phrases Mr. A. P. Sinnett started his ebook, The Occult international, the 1st renowned exposition of Theosophy, released thirty years in the past. [Namely in 1881. ] in the course of the years that experience handed on account that then, many millions have discovered knowledge in that college, but to the bulk its teachings are nonetheless unknown, they usually can provide basically the vaguest of replies to the question, "What is Theosophy?


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But he may be quite unable to use that matter. If he has lived a reasonably decent life he is little in the habit of employing it or responding to its vibrations, and he cannot instantly acquire this habit. For that reason, he may remain unconscious until that matter gradually wears away, and some matter which he is in the habit of using comes on the surface. Such an occlusion, however, is scarcely ever complete, for even in the most carefully made shell some particles of the finer matter occasionally find their way to the surface, and give him fleeting glimpses of his surroundings.

If the former give way to grief, the latter cannot but suffer severely. The conditions of life after death are almost infinite in their variety, but they can be calculated without difficulty by any one who will take the trouble to understand the astral world and to consider the character of the person concerned. That character is not in the slightest degree changed by death; the man’s thoughts, emotions and desires are exactly the same as before. He is in every way the same man, minus his physical body; and his happiness or misery depends upon the extent to which this loss of the physical body affects him.

The etheric double is not a vehicle and cannot be used as such; so when the man is surrounded by it, he is for the moment able to function neither in the physical world nor the astral. Some men succeed in shaking themselves free of this etheric envelope in a few moments; others rest within it for hours, days or even weeks. Nor is it certain that, when the man is free from this, he will at once become conscious of the astral world. For there is in him a good deal of the lowest kind of astral matter, so that a shell of this may be made around him.

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