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By T. H. Tse

Based methodologies are a favored and strong instrument in info structures improvement. many alternative ones exist, every one applying a few versions and so a specification needs to be switched over from one shape to a different in the course of the improvement method. to unravel this challenge, Dr. Tse proposes a unifying framework at the back of well known based types. He methods the matter from the viewpoints of algebra and type concept. He not just develops the frameworks but in addition illustrates their useful and theoretical usefulness. hence, this e-book will supply perception for software program engineers into how methodologies should be formalized, and may open up quite a number functions and difficulties for theoretical laptop scientists

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You should set up a local variable mechanism in all procedures in which you make variable definitions. One tricky thing to be aware of is that all variables defined within this pair will be local variables, so that it is impossible to change the value of global variables within them. It is not usually a good idea to redefine global variables within a procedure, anyway. It is only slightly too strong to say that you should never assign a value to a global variable inside a PostScript procedure.

Ata:in PostScript:12 false:12 true:12 ge:12 eq:12 ne:12 gt:12 le:12 lt:12 A test is a command sequence in PostScript which returns one of the boolean values true or false on the stack. There are several that we will find useful: le, lt, ge, gt, eq, ne which stand for ≤, <, ≥, >, =, and =. They are used backwards, of course. For example, the command sequence a b lt will put true on the stack if a < b, otherwise false. gt:12 Here is a sample from a Ghostscript session: Chapter 4. Coordinates and conditionals 13 1 2 gt = false 2 1 gt = true conditionals:13 A conditional is a command sequence that does one thing in some circumstances, something else in others.

Elementary coordinate geometry 7 • If v = [a, b] and u = [x, y], how do we calculate u 0 ? The projection u0 will be a scalar multiple of v , say u0 = cv , and our problem is to calculate c. The length of the projection will be u0 = |c| v . So if we know the length u 0 , we can calculate |c| = u 0 / v . In order to get the sign of c, we introduce the notion of signed length. If the ordinary length of the projection is s, then its signed length (relative to the vector v ) is just s if the projection is in the same direction as v , but −s if in the opposite direction.

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