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By Jon Kleinberg; Eva Tardos

Creation: a few consultant difficulties -- fundamentals of algorithms research -- Graphs -- grasping algorithms -- Divide and triumph over -- Dynamic programming -- community move -- NP and computational intractability -- PSPACE: a category of difficulties past NP -- Extending the boundaries of tractability -- Approximation algorithms -- neighborhood seek -- Randomized algorithms -- Epilogue: algorithms that run ceaselessly

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6 A graph whose largest independent set has size 4. Now let’s talk about an extremely general problem, which includes most of these earlier problems as special cases. Given a graph G = (V , E), we say a set of nodes S ⊆ V is independent if no two nodes in S are joined by an edge. The Independent Set Problem is, then, the following: Given G, find an independent set that is as large as possible. 6 is four, achieved by the four-node independent set {1, 4, 5, 6}. The Independent Set Problem encodes any situation in which you are trying to choose from among a collection of objects and there are pairwise conflicts among some of the objects.

But for m to be single, he must have proposed to every nonforbidden woman; in particular, he must have proposed to w, which means she would no longer be single—a contradiction. Exercises 1. Decide whether you think the following statement is true or false. If it is true, give a short explanation. If it is false, give a counterexample. True or false? In every instance of the Stable Matching Problem, there is a stable matching containing a pair (m, w) such that m is ranked first on the preference list of w and w is ranked first on the preference list of m.

Two requests i and j are compatible if the requested intervals do not overlap: that is, either request i is for an earlier time interval than request j (fi ≤ sj ), or request i is for a later time than request j (fj ≤ si ). We’ll say more generally that a subset A of requests is compatible if all pairs of requests i, j ∈ A, i = j are compatible. The goal is to select a compatible subset of requests of maximum possible size. 4. Note that there is a single compatible set of size 4, and this is the largest compatible set.

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