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By E. Berkson, T. Peck, J. Uhl

In the course of the educational 12 months 1986-87, the college of Illinois used to be host to a symposium on mathematical research which was once attended by way of a few of the prime figures within the box. This e-book arises out of this certain 12 months and lays emphasis at the synthesis of contemporary and classical research on the present frontiers of information. The contributed articles through the members conceal the gamut of mainstream themes. This booklet should be necessary to researchers in mathematical research.

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Oo Now suppose that m: lim X---+xt 1\l~---+ C is bounded and measurable, x0 E IR, and that m(x) =au lim _ m(x) = a 2 • X--+Xo 43 Asmar & Hewitt: Generalised Marcel Riesz theorem We then have (v) lim n-+00 k~t)*m(x0 ) = ta 1 + (1-t)a 2 • Our next lemma is of independent interest. We need it to apply the homomorphism theorem for continuous multipliers to discontinuous multipliers, for example the signum function on IR. 5) Lemma. Let m be a bounded measurable function on X. ,m00 mn(X) = m(x) for all X in X.

J,L 2(p)) . The open mapping theorem implies that V l(ker V)J. is inevitable. Notice that (ker V)J. is infinite dimensional, being isomorphic to A2( a). It follows that c §5. Open problems and recent developments Our analysis of Hankel operators with analytic symbols on regular planar domain uses in an essential way the finite connectivity and the analyticity of the boundaries of these domains. A fundamental problem is to extend the theory beyond regularity and finite connectivity. Since every planar domain can be exhausted by regular domains it seems that the key problem is Problem 1: Investigate the dependence of the constants appearing in the theory of Hankel operators on regular pluar tlomai1s on the connectivity m.

Log n-times. c2 , ... we mean there exists For any positive integer n, logn will be used to denote c1 and c2 such that means we have iterated the Banuelos & Moore: Law of iterated logarithm §1. MAKAROV'S LIL. An analytic function 53 F defined in D is said to be a Bloch function if IF(O)I +sup (1- lzl) IF'(z)l zED We denote this class by B. Let us show, for the sake of having some concrete k 00 examples, that l ~zn F(z) = B, € where k=1 integer. We write lzl = p. ~ P ~ IF' (z) I 1 ~ P supl~l ~ 1 k and m l nmpn is an 1 =r=p m=1 m=1 m 00 n ~ 2 Then 00 1 < 00 00 lm=1 [k=1l nk][pnm + ...

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