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Now, with the free end, follow the lay as indicated in Fig. 2 and lay the strands side by side as for the Turk's head. When three to five lays have been put through, work the knot tight and use the free ends to fasten the button to the garment. A bootlace makes an excellent button. SELVEDGE TOsecure a block to a standing spar. The middle of the selvedge is laid on the spar and the two ends are crossed over in turns until the bights at the ends come together. The hook of the block is then F POINTING A ROPE The rope is unlaid and a tie put on to prevent it unlaying further.

Start with a timber hitch or a clove hitch and take about three or four full turns vertically. Pass rope under top spar and make about three or four full turns horizontally. Make two or three frapping turns and either secure by two halfhitches on pole or by passing the end between the lashing and the pole and use half-hitches on the lashing. SHEER LASHING This is used to join two poles end to end. Start with a clove hitch or timber hitch and lash tightly around the two spars four to six times. Pass free end under lashings and draw tightly two or three times.

The end may be stiffened with a small stick or piece of wire. The end can be finished off with any of the crown or wall knots. KNOTTED ROPE LADDER The length of rope is coiled in a series of halfhitches and the end of the rope is passed through the centre, as in the illustration on right (except that the coils are held closer together as for a coiled rope when it is to be thrown). The coil of half-hitches with the end passed through the centre is turned inside out, that is, the succeeding coils are pulled over each other.

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