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A detailed exam of producing regulate structures utilizing based layout equipment. themes comprise ladder common sense and different IEC 61131 criteria, wiring, conversation, analog IO, dependent programming, and communications. Allen Bradley PLCs are used greatly in the course of the booklet, however the formal layout tools are acceptable to such a lot different PLC manufacturers. a whole model of the booklet and different fabrics can be found online at

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V 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 16. Sketch the wiring for PLC outputs that are listed below. 8 PRACTICE PROBLEM SOLUTIONS 1. no - a plc OUTPUT can switch a relay 2. input cards are connected to sensors to determine the state of the system. Output cards are connected to actuators that can drive the process. 3. sourcing outputs supply current that will pass through an electrical load to ground. Sinking inputs allow current to flow from the electrical load, to the common. 4. a motor starter typically has three phases 5.

Outputs to actuators allow a PLC to cause something to happen in a process. A short list of popular actuators is given below in order of relative popularity. Solenoid Valves - logical outputs that can switch a hydraulic or pneumatic flow. Lights - logical outputs that can often be powered directly from PLC output boards. Motor Starters - motors often draw a large amount of current when started, so they require motor starters, which are basically large relays. Servo Motors - a continuous output from the PLC can command a variable speed or position.

It is common for beginners to only connect the common to one card, and forget the other cards - then only one card seems to work! 5 is an example of a 24Vdc output card that has a shared common. This type of output card would typically use transistors for the outputs. 10 24 V DC Output Card 120 V AC Power Supply 00 Neut. 5 An Example of a 24Vdc Output Card (Sinking) In this example the outputs are connected to a low current light bulb (lamp) and a relay coil. Consider the circuit through the lamp, starting at the 24Vdc supply.

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