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6 load capacity of the bearing is limited by the available electrical power supply from the amplifier. Finally, electromagnetic bearings involve complex design problems to ensure that the heavy spindle, with its high inertia, does not fall and damage the magnetic bearing when power is shut off or momentarily discontinued. Therefore, a noninterrupted power supply is required to operate the magnetic bearing, even at no load or at shutdown conditions of the system. In order to secure safe operation in case of accidental power failure or support of the rotor during shutdown of the machine, an auxiliary bearing is required.

But the viscosity of synthetic oils also decreases with increasing temperature. During bearing operation, the temperature of the lubricant increases due to the friction, in turn, the oil viscosity decreases. For hydrodynamic bearings, the most important property of the lubricant is its viscosity at the operating bearing temperature. One of the problems in bearing design is the difficulty of precisely predicting the final temperature distribution and lubricant viscosity in the fluid film of the bearing.

Examples are in the food and pharmaceutical industries, where the risk of contamination by the lubricant forbids its application. The sliding speed, V , and the average pressure in the bearing, P, limit the use of dry or boundary lubrication. For plastic and sintered bearing materials, a widely accepted limit criterion is the product PV for each bearing material and lubrication condition. This product is proportional to the amount of frictionenergy loss that is dissipated in the bearing as heat.

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