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By Edwin Fischer

In learning Beethoven 's piano sonatas one encounters problems, questions and difficulties the answer of which constitutes a part of the full creative and human schooling of a musician.
The r ange of the gathering compels us to occupy ourselves with concerns of strategy, shape, concord and te xtual feedback; however the major requirement is an underst anding of the inventive content material. A cautious learn of those works will rework us, for Beethoven turns into our teacher,and lead us to enhance our personal personalities and characters.

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1 prefer to moderate the A llegro of t he last movement, attaching great importance t o Beethoven's piano, thereby est ablish ing a link with the Funeral March. It is as if a shower of r ain fell after the funeral, veiling the burial ground in a consoling grey m ist. One could say the st age is now empty, and Nature has the last word; rather as Chopin 's Funeral March is followed by the notably difficult Finale in m odo di Goya. W ithout such modificat ion, t h e piece will become a sort of Cramer study-and t hat was surely not Beethoven's intention .

Beethoven was appar ently a child ofthe French R evolut ion , of t he T hir d Est ate; h e acknowl edged no prerogative of birth or money though he was aware of his own import ance as a prince of music, with all th e social obligat ions tha t devolve on such an exalted public ser vant. At any r ate he was not one to h anker afte r t h e favour of the masses, and h e was a passionate cha mpion of individu al free dom on an et hical basis. His r eading included Marcus Aureliu s, Plutarch , Shakespeare , Klopstock (of whom h e said' He always begins r ight up at t he t op, always maestoso!

Get away from four-bar phrases. In the r epeat, the syn copate d note s suggest a journey into H ades. The form of the Adagio is A B A. The Allegro vivace movement is in rondo form and apparently ha s several themes, but closer examin ation shows them all to be r elated. The short Presto that occurs afte r the r epeat of t h e Adagio in the tonic is also der ived from the rondo theme. After a number of performances, the player will become joyfully aware of the work's unity when nearing the end, and will be able to communicate this feel ing to his aud ience.

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