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By Tove Skutnabb-Kangas

This booklet bargains with bilingualism, quite because it pertains to migrants and indigenous minorities. humans from (linguistic) minorities usually need to turn into bilingual on the way to cope within the higher society, whereas majority representatives may possibly voluntarily develop into bilingual. The ebook starts off with a merely linguistic assurance of bilingualism after which offers with the necessities and outcomes of bilingualism from the views of psychology and pedagogy. It then strikes on from the relatives and the varsity to foreign comparisons of societies with various minority rules. It additionally analyses controversies in regards to the schooling of migrants and minorities and areas them within the wider political context. one of the subject matters lined are the mummy tongue, its improvement and value and the way it differs from languages realized later definitions and size of bilingualism other ways of turning into bilingual for various teams, within the tuition and the relations bilingualism, cognitive improvement and college fulfillment semilingualism visitor employee coverage and immigrant coverage violence in minority schooling.

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This is particularly true of sections I wrote while still believinga tiny bitin the male doctrine that there is only one properly scientific way of writing. What I wrote later on contains more "soft data", interviews, poems, extracts from short stories, and so on. All of them may, better than more "hard data", convey to the reader, by the shock of recognition, insights arrived at by researchers. Similarly, I have used a number of images (speaking, for instance, of language bath (immersion), language drowning (submersion), language shelter, of language as being like water lilies, and so on).

2 Why immigration ? 4 Which country's legal and educational system is to prevail? 4 Violence as the result 323Bibliography329 Page xiii Preface This book deals with the phenomenon of bilingualism from different angles. The literature on bilingualism outside Scandinavia is abundant. , the Soviet Union). What one includes of all this wealth of material in a basic book on bilingualism will, of course, be determined largely by one's own personal attitudes. The way one treats the subject will be similarly determined.

Instead, I shall say something about the principles underlying the book. In certain areas our knowledge is secure and will not be changed by new research, only refined and elaborated. Other areas of research are newly developing, and what seems now to be the dominant view may well be proved wrong by future research. The relationship between bilingualism and the organization of the brain is a typical example of an area we know too little about. Many of the categorizations of bilingualism could just as well and as validly be formulated differently, they are thus neither ''true'' nor "false".

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