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By ichael J.North, Graham H. Coombs

A compilation of articles on protozoological biochemistry which studies the topic sector and provides details on present learn. incorporated within the issues coated Are power Metabolism Of Anaerobic Parasitic Protists, proteinases of African

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The presence of folate enzymes of the thymidylate cycle (Platzer, 1972); and 3. , 1984). The conversion of carbamylaspartate to UMP is catalysed by the five enzymes of the de novo pathway: aspartate transcarbamylase, dihydroorotase, dihydroorotate dehydrogenase, orotate phosphoribosyltransferase, and orotidine-5'-phosphate decarboxylase. The latter three enzymes were identified in extracts of P. , 1982); the plasmodial enzymes, unlike those of mammals, did not comprise a multi-functional complex and the decarboxylase was far more sensitive to inhibition by mercurials than the host cell enzyme (Rathod and Reyes, 1983).

D. ) Malaria, Epidemiology, Chemotherapy, Morphology and Metabolism, Vol. 1, pp. 345–405, New York: Academic Press. Hommel, M. , 1988, Expression and function of erythrocyte-associated surface antigens in malaria, Biology of the Cell, 64, 183–203. W. ) Zoology, Vol. I, Protozoa, pp. 695–814, New York: Academic Press. , 1982, Alterations in the surface membrane of red blood cells during malaria, Immunology Review, 61, 67–107. , 1987, Antigenic variation and antigenic diversity in malaria, Contributions to Microbiology and Immunology, 8, 176–218.

1990). , 1990). , 1988). , 1990). By electron microscopy, Torri et al. (1989) have shown that the contents of the microspheres are discharged into the vacuolar space and this leads to the formation of channels from the parasitophorous vacuole. The significance of the channels is The biochemistry of malaria: an overview 21 not clear. However, it appears the microspheres are not involved in the initial invasion process. Invagination Invagination of the red cell surface is associated with an IMP-depleted parasitophorous vacuolar membrane; the lipid bilayer freed of cytoskeletal restraints flows into the depression leaving the IMP around its rim as the junction.

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