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The human brain is a studying computer. we're always taking in details, processing that info, and making judgements in accordance with what we research. Biofeedback is a method that teaches the brain in order that it may learn how to regulate the physique. This booklet explores how moods, muscle tissue, nerves, and mind waves may be managed by means of the brain this method.

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3). Muscles produce electricity when they contract. When more muscles contract, more electricity is produced. In biofeedback, small EMG sensors are placed on the surface of the skin to detect the amount of electricity being produced by the muscles. 2 A galvanic skin response (GSR) device monitors the amount of electricity passing through the skin. The GSR device measures the skin’s ability to resist the small amounts of electric current produced by the GSR device, thus indicating a person’s level of stress.

Can you tell the exact temperature of your skin without a thermometer? The thermometer is the instrument that makes the information of the temperature signal available to the mind. Some biofeedback instruments are quite simple; others are much more technical. The type of instrument used depends on the type of signal the mind is learning to read and the condition being treated. This chapter describes some of the instruments commonly used in biofeedback and how they work. 28 The Instruments EVERYDAY OBJECTS AS INSTRUMENTS In some cases, the instruments used in biofeedback are everyday objects.

These synapses for the middle finger were not being used, so the adult brain rewired itself to make those synapses more useful. REWIRING THE BRAIN From the brain’s perspective, biofeedback is a two-step process. First, the brain must learn what the body is doing. The brain learns this information with the help of instruments, such as a thermometer, which can help make the body’s signals available to the mind. Second, the brain has to find a way to control the signals. If the brain is able to form new synapses during certain periods in a person’s life, then perhaps such rewiring is part of the mechanism that makes biofeedback treatment effective against some conditions.

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