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By John Darnielle

Black Sabbath's grasp of fact has maintained amazing ancient prestige over numerous generations; it's  a touchstone for the directionless, and customary coin for younger women and men who've felt excluded from the  broader cultural economic system. John Darnielle hears it in the course of the ears of Roger Painter, a tender grownup locked in a southern California adolescent psychiatric heart in 1985; disadvantaged of his Walkman and hungry for convenience, he explains Black Sabbath as one may well describe air to a fish, or like to an android, hoping to persuade his captors to offer him again his tapes.

point out in Harp Magazine (Grayson Currin )

"[T]he concentration of Darnielle's fanatics has consistently been on hislyrics and the tales contained inside of them. Now he's stepped off the level and sat down at is typewriter to deliverMaster of truth, his first novel and a gorgeous piece of rock feedback andappreciation.
Readers tend to come to grasp of fact from avariety of backgrounds. a few will comeas Mountain Goats lovers eager to see Darnielle take on a singular, others as BlackSabbath enthusiasts eager to examine a favourite album. a few will easily be enthusiasts of the cult-popular33 0.33 sequence, which has now grown to dozens of books, but saved its point ofquality very excessive. confidently, there willbe others who will choose it up as novel first, since it really is a first-ratestory, jam-packed with moments that might pluck at your heartstrings as you're broughtback to the instant you first fell in love with a bit of track, whilst an albumprovided not only the soundtrack in your lifestyles but in addition the which means behindit. If, via a few unusual likelihood, none ofthis occurs, good, you're most likely going to no less than airborne dirt and dust off your previous Sabbathvinyl, and there's not anything unsuitable with that either."

"[Darnielle] straightjackets the essence of Black Sabbathwhere forty years of song musings and cultural damnation have failed."
~ Raoul Hernandez, Austin Chronicle
(Raoul Hernandez )

"Total affection for, and powerful id with, musicis a cross-generational event, and although the incentive in the back of the 33 1/3series meshes well with a post-Generation X obsession with the trivialities ofpersonal adventure, it's additionally instantly obtainable to an individual who's everwritten favourite lyrics on her algebra pc. whereas nostalgia runs thick inDarnielle's e-book (the nature of the sequence primarily calls for this), there's agreater element approximately song and reminiscence to be present in Roger's tale. Indulgencein the reminiscence of extreme emotions should be unusually comforting, and maybe evennecessary. Or, as Roger places it: 'It doesn't need to suggest that to all people, andit potential extra regardless of what...'"
~ Thea Brown, The L Magazine
(Thea Brown )

About the Author
John Darnielle is the singer and songwriter differently referred to as the Mountain Goats.

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Then on the third one they have all been working together for a long time and they really know what to do! Plus in Black Sabbath by this time they are all rich so they can do whatever they want, so you are really hearing what’s going on in their heads for real. So I bought it for two dollars and I brought it home and I connected my good headphones to the tape player, I had to find a special connector cord to do it. Smarter than you think! And I listened to it all by myself with no distractions and starting tomorrow I will tell you all about this album which I sing to myself under the blankets which is probably driving my roommate crazy.

Now we start the second verse. “I love you, oh you know it. My life was empty, forever on a down, Until you took me, showed me around. My life is free now; my life is clear. ” I have to say it sounds like Ozzy didn’t have the best ideas for the whole second verse, but when you hear the music, it’s like who really cares? There is an awesome guitar solo now. After that, “Come on now, try it out. Straight people don’t know what you’re about. They put you down and shut you out. You gave to me a new belief today.

Just that SOUND. And then the words came in. ” Well that just got me thinking about everything. How the day I came here I had this reality that I thought was one way, my world, but then by the end of the day it turned out I didn’t even know shit! So I could really see where Ozzy was coming from with that line. And then Bill Ward, the drummer, in the faster parts, just so focused, it’s like he is the secret underdog weapon of the band carrying everybody around on his back. I was so into those drums in the dark.

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