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By Albert Kreinheder

This feeling-intuitive method of actual disorder vividly illustrates the symbolic perspective and lively mind's eye with the physique. Refreshingly candid, physique and Soul displays a existence good and really lived with regards to the Self and the method of individuation.

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You are both hell fire and the transforming essence. That evening she wrote again in her journal, expressing some of the deep feelings her dialogues had evoked. "What is attempting to break through? What rages out of control? What wants to erupt into life? I want to be free! I want to live my own life! I want to wake up when I want to, get up when I want to. I want to be myself. Is this rash representing the spirit? Is it something that wants to manifest in my life which I fear will take me over?

You are back again in full force, demanding all my attention. RASH: I do demand it. You have to bow down to me now. MELANIE: I know you want my undivided attention, and you do have it. You have been with me for long periods. I recognize you first in terms of being rash, acting rashly. All my life I've been pulled to do things impulsively or with wishes for my own aggrandizement. " I have given you much thought in the past 5 years. I have not fully understood you, but now I am trying to understand.

Page_96 Page 97 19 The Problem or the Power? "What can I do for you? Tell me why you are here. " Questions like this are the typical first remarks of the psychotherapist upon meeting a new client. There follows then an examination of the problem, probing deeper and deeper into it, as if that problem and its solution were the goals we seek. Yet, necessary as the problem solving may be, it is not exactly in itself a healing process. One might, in fact, actually get sicker and sicker by reenacting every last memory scene of abuse and humiliation and despair.

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