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29 Glossary ANTARCTIC CIRCLE A latitude far to the south, close to the ice-covered continent of Antarctica. BERING STRAIT The waterway that divides Siberia, a vast area of central and eastern Russia, from Alaska. It was discovered by Vitus Bering in 1728. FERDINAND MAGELLAN A Portuguese explorer who, in 1519, sailed from Spain looking for a way to Asia. GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) A system of orbiting satellites that transmits information to GPS receivers on Earth. Using information from the satellites, receivers can calculate location, speed, and direction with great accuracy.

Great Britain and France were two of the major combatants. The armies of Prussia, Portugal, Austria, Russia, Spain, and Sweden also fought. Many of these countries, especially Great Britain and France, were long-time enemies. As their empires grew, their interests overlapped and caused conflicts. When war broke out, battles were fought in many places around the world, on land and at sea. By the time the long, bloody war ended in 1763, about one million people had been killed. SONAR A method of finding something submerged in water.

1775, July Cook returns from his second voyage. He is promoted to captain. 28 1776, July 12 Captain Cook leaves England on his third voyage, this time looking for the Northwest Passage. 1778, March-Oct Captain Cook explores and maps the northwest coast of North America. 1779, February 14 Captain Cook is killed after a fight with Hawaiians. Below: Captain Cook stands on the deck of his ship Resolution as Hawaiian King Kalaniopu’u is rowed out to the ship in Kealakekua Bay on January 26, 1779. 29 Glossary ANTARCTIC CIRCLE A latitude far to the south, close to the ice-covered continent of Antarctica.

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