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First released in 1962, some of the difficulties during this e-book begun as exam questions partially I of the typical Sciences Tripos, that's taken on the finish of the second one 12 months at Cambridge. they've got suffered a few adjustments considering that then, and feature been supplemented via particularly invented difficulties, however the common point is identical. The collage instructor, notwithstanding, usually are not think that our goal in publishing this assortment is to supply him with a prepared shop of exam questions. we're even more involved to assist the intense pupil to appreciate physics, and it truly is his wishes that we have got attempted to remember all through.

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169 shift reagents 4, ch. 38, p. 483; 23, ch. 153, p. 1; 33, ch. 215, p. 353; 35, ch. 225, p. 107 single crystals – growth from molten metal fluxes 12, ch. 81, p. 53 – growth of cuprates 30, ch. 189, p. 67 – growth of metals and intermetallic compounds 12, ch. 80, p. 1 skutterudites, filled 33, ch. 211, p. 1 Solar energy conversion, lanthanides in 44, ch. 261, p. 169 solid electrolytes 28, ch. 178, p. 131; 35, ch. 223, p. 1 solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) 35, ch. 223, p. 1 solution chemistry 15, ch.

305 spectroscopic properties – in solution 3, ch. 24, p. 172 – in transparent crystals 5, ch. 46, p. 461 – nanomaterials 37, ch. 233, p. 99 spectroscopy – absorption and fluorescence of R ions 3, ch. 22, p. 172 – appearance potential 16, ch. 109, p. 519 – bremsstrahlung isochromat 10, ch. 70, p. 425 – circularly polarized luminescence 34, ch. 220, p. 289 – high-energy 10, ch. 62, p. 1 – magnetic circular dichroism 40, ch. 244, p. 1 – magnetic resonance 11, ch. 77, p. 323 – mass – – spark source matrices 4, ch.

1991b). Reactions of a few of the much less studied doubly charged rare earth cations with inorganic oxidants were examined by Gibson et al. (2008) using FTICR-MS. The reactions of the lanthanide ions Gd2þ and Lu2þ with O2, CO2, N2O, NO, and H2O were investigated in a comparative study with Cm2þ; the reaction of La2þ with N2O was also studied. , 2006c). b Where more than one product is given the percentages in parentheses are relative branching ratios. c Reaction efficiencies, k/kCOL, are pseudo-first order rate constants k relative to the collisional rate constant, kCOL.

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