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This formula is generally based upon the turbine practice of a small model (laboratory tested) being compared w i t h a full-size unit (site tested w i t h con­ siderably less accuracy). The Moody formula is reasonably in agreement w i t h the pump formula described above for the quantity range between 1 000 and 20 000 l/s. Since it includes no constant loss, the Moody formula would suggest that a turbine of infinite size would have 100% efficiency. This investigation of pump and turbine efficiencies suggests that an in­ finitely large turbine would have an efficiency of 95% against 94% for a pump, since the liquid power for a turbine is greater than that of a pump for TYPE NUMBER, FLOW AND EFFICIENCY 49 the same physical dimensions, the proportion of losses thereby falling, in the case of the turbine, w i t h consequent efficiency improvement.

Plotting and Analysis of Pump Tests The test results on each size and type of pump are plotted as follows: All tests are corrected to a basic speed (for example, 1 470 rev/min) depending upon the size of the pump, and a family of curves obtained for the head quantity characteristics of the pump at various diameters of impellers. These curves will be similar to the variable speed curves, but showing diameter changes instead of speed changes. It is convenient to group the tests into the relatively small number of diameters, making a diameter correction in similar manner to speed correction and keeping different colours for different diameters.

1963 Vol 177 No 31. 8. STEPANOFF, A. , 'Centrifugal and Axial Flow Pumps' (Wiley) 1957. 9. ANDERSON, H. , 'Hydraulic Design of Centrifugal Pumps and Water Turbines', 1961. ASME 61 WA 320. 44 7. Type Number, Flou; and Efficiency THE PRECEDING chapters considered, in a very preliminary way, the re­ lationship between the dimensions of a pump and its performance. Since the generation of head is directly affected by the efficiency of the pump, con­ sideration will now be given to pump efficiency. Efficiency and Type Number (See Appendix A).

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