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By Narendra Tuteja

ISBN: 3527334912
EAN: 9783527334919
ASIN: 3527334912
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date: 2014-02-17
Number of Pages: 1208

In this prepared reference, a world workforce of specialists comprehensively conceal molecular and telephone biology-based methods to the impression of accelerating worldwide temperatures on crop productivity.
The paintings is split into 4 elements. Following an creation to the overall demanding situations for agriculture world wide as a result of weather switch, half discusses how the ensuing bring up of abiotic rigidity elements might be handled. The 3rd half then outlines the several suggestions and techniques to handle the problem of weather switch, and the complete is rounded off via a few particular examples of advancements to crop productivity.
With its forward-looking specialize in suggestions, this publication is an integral aid for the agro-industry, coverage makers and academia.

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