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By Boleslaw W. Mazur

This new version of the best-selling Polish path for beginners has been completely rewritten to make studying the language more uncomplicated and extra stress-free than earlier than.

Written through an skilled instructor and writer, Colloquial Polish deals a step by step method of the language because it is spoken and written this present day. No past wisdom of Polish is required.

Features include:
* energetic dialogues
* plenty of workouts with complete resolution key
* Jargon-free grammar notes and a brief reference grammar
* large Polish-English and English-Polish be aware lists

With the entire language help you will need, Colloquial Polish will quickly have you ever conversing, interpreting and writing Polish with confidence.

Accompanying audio fabric is obtainable to buy individually on CD/MP3 structure, or comes integrated within the nice price Colloquials Pack. Recorded by means of local audio system, it will assist you along with your pronunciation and listening skills.

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Extra info for Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners

Sample text

To kokoka [koh-koh-ka] about adv. 1 mile 1. ya kilometele moko [kee-loh-me’-te-le mo’ –ko’] above adv. Na likolo [na-lee-koh-loh’] accident n. ekbelakbela [eh-kbeh’-la-kbeh-la] across 1. prep. na [na] 2. v. go a. kokatisa [kohka-tee-sa] add v. kobakisa [koh-ba-kee-sa] advise v. kolaka [koh-la-ka] afraid adj. be a. v. kobanga [koh-ba’-nga]: I’m a. nazali kobanga [na-za-lee] after prep. (n)sima [nsee-ma] afternoon n. mpokwa [ mpoh’-kwa] again adv. lisusu [lee-soo’-soo] age n. eleko, mobu [eh-leh-koh, moh-boo] agree v.

Masoko bowl n. (for food) kopo [ ko’-po ] box n. sanduku [ sa-ndoo’-koo ] boy n. elenge/mwana mobali [ eh-le-nge’/ mwa’-na moh-ba’-lee ] bracelet n. ekomo [ eh-ko-mo ] brain n. bongo [ boh-ngoh’ ] brake n. frein [ fren ] bread n. ) mapa break v. kobuka, kopaswana [ koh-boo-ka, koh-paswa-na ]: it’s broken ebuki [ eh-boo-kee ] breakfast n. bile na ntongo [ bee-leh’ na nto’-ngo ] breast n. ) mabele bridge n. etalaka, gbagba [ eh-ta-la-ka, gbagba ] bring v. koyela, komemela [ koh-yeh-la, koh-me-me’la ]: bring blue adj.

Nyama ya ngombe [ nya-ma ya n-go’-mbeh] before abv. yambo, liboso [ya-mboh, lee-boh-soh ] begin v. kobanda [koh-ba-nda ] beginning n. ebandeli [ eh-ba-ndeh-lee ] behind adv. / prep. nsima, mbisa [nsee-ma, m-beesa] believe v. kondima, koyamba [ koh-ndee-ma, koh-yamba ] bell n. ngonga [ n-goh-nga ] bellow prep. na nse [ na-nseh ] bench n. (seat) etanda [ eh-ta-nda ] bet n. mondenge [ moh-nde-nge’ ] better adj. eleki malamu [eh-leh-kee ma-la’-moo ] between prep. o ntaka [ oh nta-ka ] bicycle n. nkinga, velo [ nkee-nga, veh-loh ] big adj.

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