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By George Anton Kiraz

Via the past due Nineteen Seventies, phonologists, and later morphologists, had departed from a linear method for describing morphophonological operations to a nonlinear one. Computational versions, in spite of the fact that, stay devoted to the linear version, making it very tricky, if no longer very unlikely, to enforce the morphology of languages whose morphology is nonconcatanative. This examine goals at offering a computational process that counters the advance in linguistics. It offers a close computational research of the complicated morphophonological phenomena present in Semitic languages in keeping with linguistically stimulated versions.

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2 Computational Preliminaries 15 a variable X. 2 Computational Preliminaries It was mentioned that the claim that the morphology of many languages lies within the expressiveness of regular languages was adopted by computational morphologists. ” This section introduces computational morphology and topics related to finite-state automata. 1 Computational Morphology Computational morphology is a subfield of computational linguistics (also called “natural language processing” or “language engineering”).

Harris classified morphemes into root morphemes, consisting of a sequence of consonants, and pattern morphemes, consisting of a sequence of vowels and affixes. Morphemes that fall out of the domain of the root-and-pattern system, such as particles and prepositions, are classified under a third class, consisting of successions of consonants and vowels. According to this taxonomy, the Arabic verb /kuttib/ “to write – CAUS PERF PASS” consists of two morphemes: the root {ktb} “notion of writing” and the pattern { u :i } “CAUS PERF PASS” (where the underbar indicates a consonant slot, and the colon indicates gemination, or doubling).

3. A set of rewrite rules that generate the sentences the old man and the old woman. Nonterminal symbols start with a capital letters. ” So far, terminal symbols were used in rules; that is, symbols drawn from the alphabet in question. It is also possible to use nonterminal symbols; that is, symbols that are derived from other symbols. These are designated with capital letters. Consider the following alphabet whose symbols are actual words, {man, old, the, very, woman}, and the rules in Fig. 3.

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