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Rotating black holes, as defined by way of the Kerr space-time, are the most important to realizing the main violent and full of life phenomena within the Universe, from the middle cave in of huge supernova explosions generating robust bursts of gamma rays, to supermassive black gap engines that strength quasars and different energetic galactic nuclei.

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SOIL EROSION: WHERE AND WHEN Perhaps the first question to ask is, What is soil erosion? Briefly, it is soil degradation in the form of topsoil removal and, usually, transport to unwanted locations. This is deleterious to plant production and has a potentially large impact on primary production. In order to gain a global perspective on the problem, the next question to investigate is Where does the phenomena occur? Our assessment is based on a study by Marshall (1973), and it is worth spending a few minutes on Figure 1, taken from this publication.

As a result, UNEP set up a Desertification Unit (now Desertification Branch) within its own structure to carry out the various tasks scheduled in paragraph 103 of the PACD. Meanwhile, the number of countries assisted by UNSO had increased from six in 1973 to eight in 1975. Three years later, in December 1978, the General Assembly designated UNSO (which now stands for the United Nations Sudano-Sahelian Office) as the arm of the United Nations to be responsible for assisting, on behalf of the United Nations Environment Program, the efforts of the fifteen countries of the Sudano-Sahel ian region situated south of the Sahara and north of the equator to implement the Plan of Action to Combat Desertification.

The Geographical Journal 91: 356-359. UNESCO (1977) World Distribution of Arid Regions. Map Scale: 1/25,000,000, UNESCO, Paris. United Nations (1978) United Nations Conference on Desertification. Round-up, Plan of Action, and Resolutions, United Nations, New York, 43 p. A. (1978) Extent, Causes and Control of Dryland Saline Seepage in the Northern Great Plains Region of North America. A. Vander Pluym (Editor), Dryland-Saline-Seep Control, Agriculture Center, Lethbridge, Alberta, v. 1, p. 48-58.

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