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Through a,. Pr&u ) I. their, Parts as diRin&ly: &fined ;zs if 1 ha& Tiewed them, with thenaked Eye.. fame Objjebs plac Gcdin the Sun’s unre&a&ed Heterogeneal Light which wl;ts white I. v&cd. : canfuf&lly; II5’4 3 ” ~efrq$&ty~ as ES manifei2 by the gtk, 6th, Tth, Sth, And thofe which the firit time at and 9th Experiments. like Incidences are equally refra&ed, are again at like In* cidences equally and uniformly refrahed, and that whether they be refr;a&ed before they be fiparated from one another as in the 7 th Experiment, or whether they be red franed apart, as in the t zth, 13 th and I 4th Experiments, The Refra&tion therefore of every Ray apart is regular, 2nd what Rule that Refra&tion obferves we are now to fhew.

4’ 5 8”, whofe Sines are 8099 and 7995, the common Angle of Incidence being 3 I deg. and thefe Sines in the lea& round lg’and its Sine 5188; numbers are in hropdrtion to one another as 78 and 77 to 50. Now if you fubdu& rhe common Sine of Incidence 50 fi-oin the Sines of Refrar%on 77 and 78, the remainders 27 and 28 Chew that in fmall Refra&tions the Refraeion of the leafi refrangible Rays is to the Refrabion of the mofi refrangible ones as 27 to 28 very nearly, and that the difference of the Refractiolls of the leait refrangible and mofi refrangible Rays is about the 2712th part of the whole Refraction of the mean refrangible Rays.

Figure let A G, B I-I, CJ, D IS, EL, F M be the Circles which ib many forts of Rays flowing from the fameDifque of the Sun, do in the third Experiment illuminate ; of all which and innumerable other intermediate ones lying in a continual Series between the two Re&ilinear and Parallel edges of the Sun’s oblong Image I? T, that Image is comAnd let pokd as was explained in the fifth Experiment. ug, b h, c i, d;G, ~1, f m be lo many lefs Circles lying in a like continual Series between two Parallel right Lines nf and 8 VI with the lame difiances between their Centers, and illuminated by rhe fame iorts of Rays, ‘that: is the Circle ng with the fame rorr by which the correbonding Circle I_, irc\e A G &as illuminated, and the ircle bR with the [ame fort by which the correfponding Circle B H was illuminated, 2nd the refE of the Circles c i, d4 e1,f m reipe&ively, with the raame forts of Rays by which the kveral correfponding Circles C J, D K, E L, F JQ were illuminated.

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