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As waves of epidemic affliction swept the Philippines within the past due 19th century, a few colonial physicians started to worry that the indigenous inhabitants will be burnt up. Many Filipinos interpreted the contagions as a harbinger of the Biblical Apocalypse. although the direct forebodings went unfulfilled, Philippine morbidity and mortality premiums have been the world's optimum in the course of the interval 1883-1903.

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Chronic viral meningitis is unknown. fluid disease. 2. Occurrence —World-wide distribution in urban populations. Occurs spo- disease of unknown 3. ECHO and some other viruses produce nature reaching epidemic levels. Actual incidence is but may be greater than is generally recognized. radically except that Coxsackie, this — Infectious agents Caused by a wide variety of infectious agents; most viruses are assumed potentially capable of producing this syndrome. The commonest are Group B Coxsackie (p.

Methods of control A. Preventive measures: Lacking adequate information of etiologic agent and mode of transmission, preventive measures are those of diseases with an arthropod vector and a rodent host; in Korea since the summer of 1952 essentially as for Scrub Typhus (see pp. 168, 169). B. Control of patient, contacts, and the immediate environment: 1. local health authority: In selected endemic areas; in countries not a reportable disease, Class 3 (p. 5). Report to most A None. 2. Isolation: None.

Isolation: 3. Concurrent disinfection: None. 4. Terminal disinfection: None. 5. Quarantine: None. 6. Immunization of 7. Investigation of contacts None. contacts: and source of infection: Pest control measures against ticks infesting households and dogs. 8. Specific treatment: One of the tetracycline antibiotics, or icol orally until afebrile (about 2 days) and for 1 chloramphen- additional day. C. Epidemic measures: Rarely required; general application of measures listed under 9A1 and 9A2, careful observation of group at risk with prompt antibiotic therapy for those becoming ill, and disinfestation of selected terrain by insecticides (see Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, 9A2, p.

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