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By Garth A. Wilson

A desirable and necessary device in development fluency and conversation abilities. The pronunciation advisor and accompanying audio tape might help you advance interpreting, writing and pronunciation abilities.

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Opuesto Ger. oponiendo ORDENAR To arrarcge, to tidy up, to order, to ordairc (religious) Past part. ordenado Ger.

Necesitamos que los líderes del mundo _____________ (hacer) algo ahora! We need the world leaders to do something now! �Crees que a ellos les importa lo que tú _________ (pensar) o _________ (decir, tú)? Do you think that they care what you may think or say? For the following sentences, conjugate the verbs in parentheses in the past tense of the subjunctive mood. No puedo creer que nadie _____________ (estar) consciente del peligro. I can’t believe that no one was aware of the danger. Yo pedí muchas veces que alguien _____________ (hacer) una investigación completa.

Avisado Ger. avisando AYUDAR To help Past part. ayudado Ger. ayudando BAILAR To dance B Past part. bailado Ger. bailando BAJAR To go down, to come down, to lower, to download Bajarse To get off, to get out Past part. bajado Ger. bajando BAÑARSE To take a bath Bañar To bathe Past part. bañado Ger. bañando BARRER To sweep, to sweep away Barrerse To slide Past part. barrido Ger. barriendo BATALLAR To battle, to fight, to struggle Past part. batallado Ger. batallando BATIR To beat, to churn, to mix Batirse To fight a duel Past part.

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