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Designed for classes in Music,</I> this validated textual content introduces the contrapuntal kind of seventeenth and 18th century song via research and writing. whereas a constrained figuring out of contrapuntal components should be received via research by myself, those components are grasped in a extra intimate method during the real writing of contrapuntal examples. additionally, via linking the research of counterpoint to track of a particular interval, the textual content offers a transparent version for college students to emulate and a distinct foundation for the feedback of pupil paintings.

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237)Personal preference (istihsaan) is rejected, especially when it contradicts the specific texts of the divinely-revealed shari'ah or conflicts with general principles extracted from these sources. SYNOPSIS OF PRECEDING SHAR'AH TEXTS ALONG WITH CONCLUSIONS TO BE DRAWN FROM THEM MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ( MA'AAZIF) The use of all musical instruments (*236) is forbidden. This ruling has been arrived at through an analysis of the texts of authentic hadeeths narrated by Al-Bukhaari and Ibn Maajah, in which the word al-ma'aazif (musical instruments) occurs.

229. (*118)Al-Jaami'li Ahkaamil Quraan, vol. 14, p. 55. , vol. 14, p. 54. (*120)He was born 150 H. in Gazzah in Palestine. He died and was buried in Cairo, 204 H. Details of his life and works are chronicled in Al-Bayhaqi's Manaaqibush Shaafi'ee. (*121)See Al-Qurtubi's tafseer, vol. 14, p. 55 and Ibnul-Jowzi's Talbees Iblees, p. 231. Also refer to footnote no. 111. (*122)See 'Ownul Ma'bood, vol. 13, p. 274. (*123)Designates the carcass of the animal which has not been slaughetered in a manner acceptable to the shari'ah, but has died in a manner rendering it unlawful for food, such as dying from a disease, accident, naturally or by being hit by a blow, etc.

66. (*99)The disputed type is other than the singing of innocent songs (without musical accompaniment) or the chanting of poetry and hymns which are pure and clean in subject matter and in form of delivery. (*100)Quoted from Kaffur Ra'aa, p. 67. (*101)Condensed from p. 67 of Kaffur Ra'aa. As for the types of song and music permitted by consensus, this refers to those particular examples of exception to the general rule of prohibition as mentioned in the authentic sunnah of the Prophet and the example of the companions.

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