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43. Using a jigsaw, cut along the pencil lines to round off all four corners. See the sidebar for detailed instructions on jigsaw use. How to Use a Jigsaw Two of the most common mistakes beginners make when using a handheld jigsaw are not supporting the wood properly and not leaving adequate clearance for the moving blade underneath the work surface. If you’re cutting wood that’s clamped to a work table, make sure the clamps are tight and that you’re using enough of them to hold the wood as it’s cut.

46. Turn the router on and move it slowly and steadily down the length of the wood, keeping it pressed against the guide. When the blade clears the wood, turn the machine off. 47. This is the finished groove. Notice how it starts and ends off the edges of the shelf. The convex radius bit cuts a shallow, curved groove. 48. From a short, rounded edge of the shelf, in the small space between the back edge and the groove, use a combination square to measure in 2 inches and make a mark. 49. Next, measure 3/8 inch in from the long rounded edge and make a mark that crosses the mark you made previously.

28. On the top side of the bench seat, measure in 17/8 inches from the short side and make a mark approximately halfway between the two long sides. This will be directly above the center of the dado on the underside. 29. Make two more marks above the dado on both ends of the board, just in from the long side and 17/8 inches from the short side. These marks will show you where to hammer finish nails after the legs have been inserted into the dados. 30. Apply wood glue to one of the dados. Unlike the glue used on the cutting board, the glue for the bench does not have to be 100 percent waterproof.

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