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Pressure relief valves, not designed to handle full process flows, are provided in these sections of the system to relieve the pressure generated by trapped liquid. 7 Modifications to plant Proposed modifications to an air separation plant should be thoroughly reviewed to determine whether they affect the safety of the system or introduce new hazards. Modifications undertaken without the advice and experience of competent cryogenic engineers and operators can unknowingly introduce hazards, through improper choice or use of materials for the conditions of service, or through introduction of contaminants.

Such situations, Oxygen, nitrogen and argon 45 unless carefully controlled, can lead to problems with product contamination, particularly where it is necessary to use adaptors for connecting hose couplings normally used for one liquid to fill points designed for another. Strict controls are required when tankers in inert gas service are converted to liquid oxygen service. It is essential to ensure that drivers and other personnel engaged in road tanker and liquid transfer operations receive formal education and training in the potential hazards and the correct operating procedures.

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