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By Lutz Edzard, Jan Retso

The papers gathered during this quantity disguise themes from the theoretical views on Semitic linguistics to the sensible software of philological the right way to quite a few texts. Michael G. Carter opens with a few deliberations on Arabic linguistics in its Islamic context. Jan Retso reinvestigates the query of the origins of Arabic dialects. Werner Arnold bargains a few glimpses of the Arabic dialects within the Tel Aviv sector. Janet Watson, Bonnie Glover Stalls, Khalid al-Razihi and Shelagh Weir describe features of Razihit, a language type spoken in north-west Yemen. Sven-Olof Dahlgren offers a few records on sentential negation in Quranic Arabic. Rosmari Lillas-Schuil bargains in-depth with the stylistic . gure hendiadys in Biblical Hebrew. Geoffrey Khan sheds new mild on compound verbal varieties in north-eastern Neo-Aramaic. Kjell Magne Yri examines the grammaticalization of nouns as postpositions in Amharic. Lutz Edzard analyzes numerous different types of compound formations in sleek Semitic. Pernilla Myrne bargains a few concepts at the gender-specific use of sexual vocabulary through girls in Classical Arabic. Judith Josephson investigates the Hellenistic historical past of the zan diqa 'heretics'. Gunvor Mejdell provides an summary of using the vernacular in sleek Egyptian literature. eventually, Tetz Rooke appears to be like at cross-cultural matters in reference to translation difficulties from Arabic into ecu languages.

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E. Wardini, 268-282. Oslo. RetsO 2004 = j. RetsO: "Relative-Clause Marking in Arabic Dialects: A Preliminary Survey", Approaches ‫؛‬٠ Arabic Dialects. A Collection of Articles Presented ٤٥ Manfred Woidich ٥„ the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday (Stiidies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics 38), ed. M. Haak, R. de Jong, K. Versteegh, 263-273. Leiden. RetsO 2005 = j. RetsO: "The Number-Gender-Mood Markers (NGM) of the Prefic Conjugation in Arabic Dialects. A Preliminaty Consideration", Current Issues ٤٠„ ‫ ^ ﺓ‬٤٠‫ﺀ‬٤٠‫ ﻩ‬Grammar and Lexi٥٠„ 1, ed.

E. s. wen^ (ibid: 25). ' (/wahid + ah/), ßtmah 'Fatima' and sâknîn 'living' (/sakin + In/), and o^ers through suffixation of a consonant-initial affix, such as kunnih 'I was'. Syncope of * e high vowels / i / and / u / is a common phenomenon in the language. In addition to /wahid + ah/ = [wahdah] ^ven above, examples include /w isil + Ü/ = [wisiu] 'they m. a^ved' and /gibiz + ‫ ة‬+ him/ = [gib‫ ؟‬uhim] 'they m. '. Syncope does not affect the low vowel /a /; thus, wislu '^ ey m. arrived' contasts with gatalah 'he killed her', and simCuk 'I heard' with katabuk 'I wrote'.

46 K: ya dâc47 ^in jaddih mihsin ba-yixalla loh sitt‫ﺀ‬ag Here, my grandfather Mihsin is going to let him get away with 1611 K: wallah immed yilhag yigarOh 10 kkoh bu majlis al-^amin He would want to follow him to sue him even' if it brought him to the Security Counril. H: hiyya ‫د‬i^a‫^ﺀ‬igbah waragit al-Cagid Then look at the m anage contractl K: wi-määi habeh lie ger id-difaC ^adäwät Apart from the brideprice what did he give you as Rousseau? H: mä bilia arbaC fitax Cadani hadid Only four metallic rings of the Adeni type.

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