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By John Emms

Prominent establishing experts take a innovative examine a favored crew of openings – the Anti-Sicilians – and choose a wealth of ‘dangerous’ innovations for either Black and White.

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A6 fails to 14 Nd5. 45 D a nger o u s W e a p o n s : A n t i - S i c i l i a n s 9 o-o (Diagram 37) Black should not fear 9 Nxc6 here. In general terms the structure with an isolated d-pawn for White and an isolated c-pawn for Black holds few terrors for the de­ fender. So long as he can keep a strong grip on the c5-square, his firm control of d5 and counterplay on the b-file constitute significant assets. It is worth noting the specific circumstances which pertain after 10 Qf3 in Line B l below, one occasion in which this structure does pose some potential problems.

This requires practical tests, but looks to me the most appealing option after 11 Rdl . Diagram 4 2 (W) Diagram 43 (W) 49 D a n ge r o u s W e a p o n s : A n t i - S i c i l i a n s B2) 9 Bd6!? (Diagram 43) ... As I came gradually to realize that the differences introduced by the 'extra' move Ne5 were not exclusively in Black's favour, so I came to appreciate that the alter­ native development of this bishop to d6 is not without merit. Again, the fact that I find this somewhat counterintuitive probably lies deep in my education of IQP positions, but the statistics would suggest that I am not the only one!

NaS 11 Bb5+ Bd7 12 Qa4 Nc2+! Grabics, Pula 1999) Black has an interesting choice of ways to play the position. I will consider: Diagram 18 (B) Diagram 19 {W) 35 Da ngero u s Wea p o n s : A n t i - S i c i l i a n s A11: 10 Bd7 ... A12: 1o Nas!? A11) 10 Bd7 develops and blocks checks on the a4-e8 diagonal, ... thus making the threat to fork the queen and bishop a reality, the key to the downside of 9 Qb3. For a while, I must admit, I had anticipated concentrating exclusively on this move with no reservations whatsoever.

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